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The Great Room

A recent Wall Street Journal article titled "The Kitchen That Ate the House" (Full Article Here) offered some great insight into a trend that has been building for the past years, maybe even decade. The rebirth of the "Great Room" with the kitchen as center stage is a key component in many remodels and new construction builds. 

The WSJ explains that "long the de facto central gathering space of the home, the kitchen has ballooned in size in recent years to become the new great room." This trend has gained momentum over the past few years as many consumers have grown into lifestyles that bring them into their kitchens for many different reasons. Many customers have been caught up cooking shows which inspires them to cook and entertain more at home. While others just have growing families that need more space to accomodate everybody.

Regardless of your needs, wants or wishes when starting your kitchen or great room project, keep these helpful tips in mind as you plan your projects:

  1. Dining Room - Dining rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past and the first place people turn to when they are looking to open up more space in the kitchen. However, just because it's a trend doesn't mean it's right for you. If formal dining is important to you, make sure you include it in your planning.
  2. How Many is "A Crowd?" - Think about how you'll be using your new space a make sure to leave enough "work spaces" for all the activities that will be going on. The last thing you want is a space that cluttered with people that is supposed to be open and inviting. Great rooms are for more than just cooking, so make sure that everybody has a home a feels welcome. Always plan for seating for more than just a meal as this new space is the central component of the home.
  3. Thinking Outside the Box - Keep in mind as you plan your new space that many people will use it for different things. To ensure that everybody is well taken care and out of the cooks way, consider things like coffee bars or additional refrigerator storage for kids drinks and other beverages. Don't forget the TV's, as many kitchen's and great room spaces now have mulitple televisions.

A nice example of a Great Room, even in a small space is shown above. This is an actual kitchen we did for one of our customers who wanted a space that was both functional in many ways. You can see the multiple work stations, the raised bar for eating and watching the tv (not shown), as well as the beverage areas off set from the work spaces that can be used for serving as well.

As with anyting in life, knowledge is power, so arm yourself with your wish list for you and the family as you get started building the kitchen of your dreams.


Five Great Ideas for Creating a Unique Kitchen

Whether it’s for a family dinner or Sunday’s big game, today’s kitchen has become the gathering area for the home; resulting in the challenge to create spaces and designs that are both functional and fashionable for today’s consumer. With financing options and manufactures promotions going on, new kitchens are more within reach than ever. Here are some great ideas to create a space that’s unique to you and worth showing off!

  1. Hit the local street or flea markets: Street and flea markets can not only be a great way to pick up unique pieces of furniture and accessories, but also a great place to get some design inspiration for your upcoming project. Maybe you’ll see a color or pattern you’d like to incorporate into your project. Vintage signs and lettering are a huge design trend and flea markets are littered with these items. But don’t be afraid to think small and look for storage items and containers as well. If nothing else, the fresh air and people watching are worth the time alone.   
  2. Re-Use or Repurpose Old Materials - The photo to the right not only shows off the vintage lettering we mentioned, but this design makes use of old boards to create a counter top for this kitchens island. Old barn wood is a great way to add individuality to your design and can also add depth to the design by adding another color and texture. When it comes to repurposing old materials, the sky is the limit.
  3. Use Accesories - Yes, they add to the cost of the kitchen, however, they also add to the functionality of the kitchen as well. The list of available accessory is always growing to meet the needs of today's consumer. Our supplier Cabinetry by Diamond has a great online resource, called Logix, to show the latest and greatest in available accessories to make your kitchen more functional.
  4. Mix Colors and Woods - Many of today's consumers want cabinetry that has more of a "furniture" feel to it and one of the greatest ways to achieve this is by using different cabinet colors, wood species, or door styles to the kitchen. Using different colors or types of counter tops helps define the cabinetry around them. A combination we see a lot of today is traditional painted white cabinetry with accenting pieces in "pottery barn" espresso color.
  5. Have a Statement Piece - A statement piece could be a piece of furniture that a family heirloom, a piece of art work, or a bright colored appliance. The bright red range in the picture to the right draws the eye right towards it and easily becomes a great talking point.

The biggest tip to remember when starting your kitchen or even bath project is to keep in mind that this is your kitchen! It needs to reflect the individual and not the designer. Make sure to express your ideas and wish list for your kitchen with your designer to make sure they get it right for you the first time. 


Helpful Tips for Planning Your Kitchen or Bath Project

With over 100-years of combined experience, we think we've learned a thing or two. Here are some helpful tips to remember when gettting ready to start your kitchen or bath project. If we missed anything, feel free to share your own tips in the comments section.
  1. Research: The resources available to today’s consumer are plentiful and more importantly helpful! Don’t limit your research to web pages alone, seek out social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest to help gain insight into your purchase options and for inspiration for your upcoming project. Also, when using search engines like Google it can be helpful to type exactly what your looking for as an exact search may help you find a local specialist. Searches such as “kitchen remodel Denver, Colorado” or “bathroom vanity cabinets” will help search engines get you to the right place.
  2. Begin with the End in Mind: A new kitchen or bath is a dream for many people. To help make your dreams come true, follow the old saying…a picture is worth a thousand words! Kitchen designers love inspiration from their clients because it makes their job easier. The more pictures the better and be sure to include all types of photos to help designers gain more insight into your dream kitchen. There are many aspects to your project: lighting, flooring, cabinets, paint, hardware, window treatments, even décor!
  3. Must Haves: Make a list of must haves for your upcoming project and prioritize them, when a designer works with your space and they know your top priority is a 60” Pro style cooking range or a walk in shower, they can make sure to include those items when they first present the project to you, not after multiple frustrating revisions. Also, this will help when working with your budget, to know what areas you can cut from.
  4. Go Ahead and Vent: This is a great tip! In addition to your wish list, make another list…things from your existing kitchen or bath that you absolutely cannot live with! This goes beyond “avocado colored appliances” or “vinyl flooring.” Make sure to think about the function of the current space. Focus on ideas like the placement of appliances or how you “wish everything in my drawers didn’t slide around when I close them.”
  5. Samples: When you begin to make your product selections, make sure to ask for samples of the products you are buying, and make sure those samples are current! Getting an accurate sample of what you are buying will help eliminate any surprises down the road. Also, don’t be turned off if your asked for a deposit to borrow a sample, this is a standard practice in the industry not a reflection of trust.
  6. Budget: Budget is not a bad word, and it’s helpful to be upfront with your designer about your cost expectations for the project. However, make sure that you are clear about what your budget includes when you discuss it; ie: flooring, cabinets, appliances, hardware, sinks, faucets, installation, etc. Preparing and sharing your budget will also help your designer present the right products to you.
  7. Deposit: Most dealers do require a deposit to order your cabinets; some even charge a design fee. Deposits are standard for ordering cabinets at any price point and this should not be a turn off. 

We hope these are helpful!


Home Clearance Center Featured in Colorado Urban Home Magazine

Our very our Kathy Fischer was recently featured in Colorado Urban Home Magazine, in an article titled "Custom Cabinetry At A Semi-Custom Price." Kathy was specifically called in for her expertise in kitchen remodeling projects and says that "new options in customizing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are providing one-of-a-kind cabinets for homeowners at more affordable prices." 

Kathy specifically cited the value in Showplace Wood Products and their range of semi-custom cabinetry for the kitchen and bath. In addition to giving homeowners fleixibility with the thousands of color options, Showplace now offers a ColorSelect program for complete customization.

Kathy was able to use the new ColorSelect program from Showplace with a customer who was building a farmhouse from both reclaimed and new construction materials. With the ColorSelect program Home Clearance Center was able to match the color on an antique butlers for new cabinetry.

The homeowner described the end result as "like a grandfather built it in place!"